robot vision-9 reasons this smartphone is for the young, artsy

robot vision-9 reasons this smartphone is for the young, artsy

While there are countless smartphones available in the market, not all of them can answer the demands of creative youngsters.

This is a demand that the aptly-named OPPO F7 Youth aims to answer.

The youthful, fun, and artsy OPPO F7 Youth

A member of the top-selling OPPO F7 lineup, here are some of the features that makes the OPPO F7 Youth appealing to those looking for a fun phone.

1. AI technology 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the capability of a device to "behave" intuitively, is the new fad in smartphone technology. The OPPO F7 Youth, just like its pricier counterparts, is equipped with this ground-breaking technology. AI enhances the usability of the OPPO F7 Youth, from camera to processor.

2. AI Beauty Technology 2.0 

Known for selfie phones that guarantee to "capture the real you," OPPO has put in effort to incorporating AI in the OPPO F7 Youth's camera features. The AI Beauty Technology 2.0 analyzes a person's features and beautifies them with OPPO's improved facial optimization feature.

3. AI Scene Recognition 

Those who enjoy taking artsy portraits and photos of scenery, can make use of the OPPO F7 Youth's 13-megapixel rear camera powered by AI Scene Recognition. This feature allows the smartphone to process 16 different scenarios in real time, and works to capture the ideal balance of brightness, exposure, color, and contrast. It also allows a depth-of-field effect highlighting the main subject for more impressive-looking photos.

4. Slim and stylish 

Produced with the latest manufacturing and polishing process, the OPPO F7 Youth is slim and stylish. It has a diamond black cover that displays unique triangular-cut patterns, which shimmers when hit by light. It is also available in fierce Solar Red.

5. Immersive viewing 

It may be slim, but the OPPO F7 Youth has a 6.0-inch full high-definition screen that allows an immersive viewing and playing experience for its users. It has razor-thin bezels, and is lightweight and suitable for a one-hand grip.

6. AI Processor 

In order to allow the OPPO F7 Youth to easily adjust to the lifestyle of its users, its processor has been calibrated to make it 80% faster than previous models in terms of performance. It is also backed by a 4GB RAM for effortless multitasking and app-switching, while its 64GB ROM, which is expandable up to 256GB, provides substantial storage.

7. AI Battery Management System 

AI has also boosted the phone's 3,410mAh battery to make it last for up to 15 hours of continuous usage. This battery-saving technology allows users to spend more time using their phone, and less time charging it.

8. Face Unlock

The OPPO F7 Youth has an advanced AI recognition technology, which uses 128 recognition points to identify its owner's face. This allows the phone to be easily unlocked while maintaining security.

9. Youth-friendly Price 

Despite its re-calibrated specs, the OPPO F7 Youth remains budget-friendly. Retailing for only P13,990, this smartphone aims to dominate the midrange market.

Pre-orders can be done in all OPPO-authorized stores nationwide from May 28 until June 1, 2018. Customers who avail of the pre-order will be entitled to a free Olike Magic Music Lamp bluetooth speaker.

The OPPO F7 Youth can also be availed via Home Credit in 6 months 0% interest, or via 6 months 0% interest credit card installment.

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